IDENTIFY this TOD'S thread - ask your color, style season ID questions here!

  1. Hi there - this is my first on the Tod's forum - y'all just might make my Gotta-Have list a little longer :smile:

    At any rate, my Mom bought some Tod's drivers for me in California (I'm in TN) at some sale but they are too big so I thought about selling them. It kills me because they are GORGEOUS! I am trying to figure out what they are called. They look a little like the Dee Loafers in that they have the logo hardware, but there is extra detailing on these like the fringe and the zig-zag moccasin type design around the collar.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    PF 01.jpg PF 02.jpg PF 03.jpg
  2. Hi! Can anyone help me ID this bag? It was purchased from Tod's 4 years ago and I don't know the name/style. Anyone?


  3. Oops! Nevermind - it's the Paro Shopping Media.

    But thanks!
  4. Please help me ID this Tod's, does in come in different sizes? how many colors? what year and seasons? TIA
    p.s. pictures "borrow" from wardrobe forum :p

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  6. It's the Rounded D-Bag.
  7. Thank you, kbalag.
    Is the bag an older one? Or very seldom? It's hard to find some information about it.
  8. It was reviewed on this site in 2008.

    I just searched for it, but couldn't find anyone selling it currently online, except the link you provided. Too bad, cuz I've been wanting a Tod's for a long time and I'm in love with this one now.
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    hi anyone knows if the above link is sellilng genuine tod's bag?

    These are fakes and I am editing the link so it does nit work....jburgh
  10. Hi All!! I'm so glad I found this site! Anyway I have a black Tod's leather clutch with top stitching down the center, it's really nice, but I don't know the style, can someone please help with this ID? And tell me how much it retailed for? I bought it for $400, I just love it.

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    From what I've read on the Prada subforum, this website sells fakes.
  12. Thanks in advance!!
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