Identify this stunner!

  1. Hiya gorgeous gals/guys!

    I was hoping you might be able to help me identify a bag :sos: (loving this icon <---- :p)

    I think it's absolutely gorgeous, and would be the perfect work bag (particularly if it existed in black..). Could anyone shed any light on this style for me?

  2. nice! i would like to know too!
  3. Diamond Shine Tote
  4. The diamond shine tote does come in black. It's from F/W 2006. It's not a popular ligne but it's one of the most underrated. I own a black diamond shine flap and it's gorgeous. Chanel released this before the patent craze/ explosion of S/S 2007. It is timeless.
  5. The diamond shine tote was available in two sizes. Both were the same length, but one was shorter than the other. The one you have pictured above is the large. It was available in red, black, and blue.
  6. Wow!!! Thanks everyone. I can't believe I haven't seen or heard about this underrated!!! Perfect for slipping a laptop into, and carrying all my rubbish to work in, and yet so classic.

  7. Ooh this bag is gorgeous! Does anyone have the style number for the small black one?

    Swanky and Absolutanne, do you ladies know how much this purse is? TIA!
  8. There's one for sale on eBay in red. I had my eye on it-it's gorgeous!
  9. I love the color transition on the red. It's a beautiful bag and a versatile size.
  10. some eye candy
  11. That baby needs a blowup!!


  12. WOW!!!! :drool::wtf: I WANT! I WANT!!

    That bag is absolutely incredible!!

    Sorry for my moment of craziness there, but that bag is hot!!
  13. Aww man, the one on eBay has just gone for $1600!!! I knew I should have put in a bid. Now I've got to try and track down a black one....I want, I want!!!!
  14. This was a pretty expensive (at least back then LOL) bag. I am thinking it was around 2800-3000.
  15. Oh no, don't tell me that, I'm already kicking myself for not bidding. Damn my indecisiveness! :noggin: