identify this spy bag!!

  1. anyone knows whats the name of this spy bag? :hrmm:
  2. I love this spy!!! Ok, I"ll say it this version, but not sure if it's really available. If you find out let me's a work of art!
  3. I think a PF member bought this bag a while back. I'll have a look for you. I am not sure what it's called but it's scrumptious. It cost a fortune though (well to me anyway)
  4. This bag is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL bag I've EVER seen!!!
  5. If I could get that bag I would..but It probably costs a bundle, but boy it's fantastic.
  6. I think it was over US$9000.00:amazed:!!!
  7. Now which one of my kidneys should I sell for this? :lol:
  8. :cry:
  9. Holy Moly!!! I love that color combination...I don't think I would let anyone even breath on a bag that costs that
  10. The SA I buy bags from at the NM in White Plains, NY showed me pics of Spy bags they will be getting. He showed me something that looked like that bag. It's hard to tell for sure because his pics were faxed and not real clear. If I'm not mistaken the bag was over $5,000. I'll ask to see his book again when I go there tomorrow night.
  11. Uaeyah has it, and it is the most beautiful spy in the world! I obsess about this one in my dreams.

    Uaeyah, where are you?
  12. *dies* that thing is so gorgeous.