Identify This Miu Miu

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    Hi experts,

    What is the name of this lovely bag and what season it's from? Can you also tell me something about its leather?

  2. Do you have more pics? Would be better to authenticate it first.
  3. Hi, Please ask the seller for a good closeup pic of the outer Miu Miu logo and a straight-up pic of the inner plate and the "made in" -tag and post them together with this link to the authentication thread. Thanks!:smile:
  4. Hi,
    I've just seen this Miu Miu clutch on I really like the clutch plus the price is amazing. However I have never seen any clutch like this in stores or online, would you please identify it? I have tried searching online for different colors but so far this clutch is only available on :sad:
  5. I am new to the forum but I have not seen this bag mentioned yet

    I spotted this antico + ribes colored mini miu miu bow on, I understand from a few thread here that this website is legit, I just wanted to confirm that this bag is indeed authentic and what season it is from before I purchase... any help would be much appreciated!
  6. Pretty sure the website is authentic only...
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    Hi miu miu fan!
    I've a mini tri/combo bow bag and have no idea what season nor what year when this beautiful bow bag is made.. I was wondering if anyone have any detail on this bag. I've post this question under one of the thread where 'define bag'...
    image-3305441233.jpg image-3670718456.jpg image-787198035.jpg
  8. hello ladies,

    I am looking for the name or perhaps some additional information to this miu miu hobo bag. I do realize that it must be an old style, but still it is so gorgeous! i'd appreciate every single bit of information you could give me!

  9. hi, what bag is this? cervo or Paloma? or?? TIA!!!

  10. May I ask what color is usually Inside the lining of a black medium coffer or what color does it come with tia
  11. hello! i was hoping if someone could tell me anything about this bag here in rose leather

    i looked on the official website and it is not listed, and i've love to buy it! it would compliment my prada bn1801 but i have no details about it as i'd prefer to buy instore
  12. hi, i can't seem to find the name of this bag anywhere. can you pls help identify matelasse model/style and year?
    thanks in advance!
    $(KGrHqJHJBYE9uJLnmy4BPhLt1OMcg~~60_3.jpg $(KGrHqZHJDUE63ZSDFoTBPhLt2pB1w~~60_3.jpg
  13. [​IMG]



    Can anyone identify model/year/style/whatsoever? That would mean alot. Thanks in advance.
  14. Can anyone ID this Miu Miu color? These are two pics of the very same bag, and with the different lighting the color looks very different. Any ideas what the color name might be? Thanks!
    MIU130225A_02.jpg MIU130225A_08.jpg