Identify This Miu Miu

  1. OK-use this thread to help identify what year and style..and/name your bag is from.
    No chitchat please..Please try to post pics......
  2. I don't actually know the name of this one...

  3. ^That is the new Prada Spring FRINGE BAG.Prada in Broadway NY has it in..I personally am NOT a fan of it.
  4. Name this one:

  5. Hi Ladies

    I need some help:
    It's my bestest friends birthday and we (some friends & I) want to buy her a special handbag to show how much she means to us.... The only one she has ever fallen in love with is the silvery/grey prada bag that Meryl Streep carries in the opening sequence of 'The Devil Wears Prada'

    I have searched high and low to find a picture of this moment or of the bag however have had no luck, does anyone know what bag it is? It looks a bit like a YSL Muse, it has the same tag hanging off it but is a bit squarer in shape. It's silvery/grey/white and has PRADA embossed across it..

    Sorry this is a bit vague! Any assistance gratefully appreciated.

  6. This bag was from LAST winters season.its a frame bag..isnt made anymore..cute bag though..keepan eye out in eBay for pics
  7. Ok people what bag is this?
    And how much are they in the UK?
  8. ^I beleive that bag is on or the spring 2007 canvas animalier bag.......cute!
  9. Thanks but what about in the UK? Does anyone know if they have it over here?
  10. ^check at your nearest Prada store
  11. Yeah I phoned them but they hadn't heard of it so I'm wondering if they have anywhere else in London.

    Anyway thanks for your help
  12. Love this bag, but don't know the name and can't find it in NYC. Please help! :confused1:
  13. Anyone recognize this?
    CompressedBags 004.jpg CompressedBags 006.jpg CompressedBags 005.jpg