Identify this Marc Jacobs

  1. I just bought this Marc Jacobs satchel in teal blue quilted leather with a long zippered pocket and d-ring on the front. It's kind of east/west. Sizable.

    Last year's bags have rolled off of and it's sold out online. I also never memorized the name of this style, like I did the classics and Stam.

    I can't upload photos until Wed. because I'm away on vacation, so maybe this thread will have to resurface then.


    (Oh by the way, if anyone has a stock photo, I'd love it!)
  2. Oh carp. Carp-e-diem. LOL. I posted it in the wrong spot again. I'll post in the big thread tomorrow when I get my pictures!!! Yay.
  3. Totally scratching my head on this one...
  4. Maybe it's the quilted Amanda? Here's a pic of Hillary Swank carrying one...what do you think?
  5. ^ That's a good guess! I didn't know the amanda had the d-ring on it like that... if so, then she got it in the denim color!
  6. ^If so, that would be a beautiful bag! DesignerElla, do you have pics??
  7. Post pics in the Name that bag thread when you have a chance.