Identify This LV!!!

  1. Me too :smile:
  2. hello there!
    i received this clutch/wallet as a gift recently and was curious to know which (line of bags it was from, i suppose? not sure what to call it) it was? just looking for the name of it.
    many thanks!
  3. Damier Geant line
  4. I purchased this bag back in 2002.
    For the longest time I thought it was LV Sac Plat in Damier Ebene, apparently it is not.
    LV boutiques don't carry this anymore and I wonder if any of you tPf-ers know the name. Thank you so much! :sunnies LV_1.jpg

  5. Venice

  6. How can i authenticate louis vuitton trevi gm on this website
  7. Would anybody know the name of this Epi color? I don't need the bag authenticated just love that bluish green color!


  8. Any one know the name of the one on the left?
  9. It's a cabas ( something ).
    The middle is loco tote and the end is cabas mezzo.
  10. I think the first one is a Sac Shopping. The third one might be the Cabas Alto--I don't see a zipper.