Identify This LV!!!

  1. There are often a numerous amount of threads asking what the name is of an LV bag, accessory, shoes, etc. So here's a thread dedicated to asking what the name is of a certain LV style! Post away! :tup:
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  2. awesome idea. Thanks John.
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  3. good idea!!! STICKY!!! GoGo
  4. This is great! Thanks so much john!
    I do have an LV in epi leather (it was a gift)and i tried looking for it from their website but it can no longer be found. Maybe it has been discontinued. I don't have a picture so I'll try to describe it the best way i can.

    Black epi leather
    hand held or carried on the shoulder
    zipper closure
    top part is wider than the bottom
    side view: forms a triangle shape (the pointed part on top and the wide part in the bottom)
    a small pocket inside for powders/lipstick

    that's all i can say to describe my bag...hope you can help me guys. If you have pics please tell me or if you know of a website were I can check discontinued styles please feel free to reply! Thanks!
  5. Please take pics as that would really help :yes:
  6. Here are the pics! Hope you can identify the bag! Thanks!
    IMG_9395.JPG IMG_9396.JPG
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  7. That's the St. Jacques :yes:
  8. Thanks so much lvbabydoll! Love your collection!
  9. You're welcome-and thanks! :shame:
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  10. I was informed by JOhn to post this here.

    This is Eye LOve you, retails 2170. Any idea when it came out? 2006? 2005. Thaanks.
  11. ^^^ The MC Eye line came out in '03.
  12. Can anyone tell me the name of this bag and the dimensions? Sorry, it's so small it was the only one I could find.
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  13. This bag is the MC Sologne. The dimensions for this bag are 10.2" L x 8.1" H x 3.1" W.
  14. Thanks!
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  15. Thanks JOhn!!