identify this Kooba

  1. The new Kooba website is up, and I ADORE the bag on the homepage but can't figure out what it is. So I come to the experts.
  2. Sorry I can't offer any help but I just wanted to say that is a very cute bag! And I can't wait to see it when it hits the stores plus some more close up shots.
  3. Well, the Kooba website is showing that bag as a definite teaser for their fall 2009 collection. That's as far as I got with it. Should be interesting. It does, however, remind me of some Tano bags, but hopefully, the leather is much better than that.
  4. It does look Tano-ish in style. But still that classic Kooba look, too. I'm excited.
  5. I thought the same as Compass Rose. It looks like Tano or Olivia Harris to me.

    I do like the Amber from the fall line! I wonder if you can move the bow/tie and put it in the middle, kind of like the Elisha?
  6. that's the Celia. Kooba just posted the names on the site. Anybody know when these will drop?