Identify this Keyfob?

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  1. Hi there can anyone please tell me the style # to this fob? thank you:smile:

  2. Pretty sure it's 92413 but I don't ever recall it coming in pink?? Where did you get it??
  3. I think it came in both pink and silver. I have the silver one and the number is 92413. It is called a Pave Skull Key Chain.
  4. I got it from my Coach boutique.
  5. It also come in pink...
  6. Oh I guess I missed seeing the pink one :P
  7. I can't identify your fob, but would just like to say what an adorable puppy you have!
  8. I can't either but I love your puppy as well! What breed is it?
  9. Cute puppy!
  10. I don't have a puppy, my avatar is a cat. We, sadly, had to have our dog ( a Sharpei) put to sleep several years ago.
  11. I have this Pave Skull in Pink and love it.

  12. Thank you ladies, he is a 6 week old American Pit Bull Terrier his name is Bruno. :P