Identify this Ferragamo and where to find this Dior bag

  1. I found this Ferragamo handbag that look fabulous in white on the web but could not find it at NM or other Ferragamo store. Does anyone know the name of the bag and where I can find one IRL?

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    I also saw a picture of Dior Flight Leather Shopper which look great. But again I search everywhere and there are only few website have info about it. Does anyone know where can I find one in the US?

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  2. That Ferragamo is sooo purdy! :love: I have started a new love affair with Ferragamo. I wonder why their bags aren't more popular?
  3. Can someone please find out what the Ferragamo is? its gorgeous!!!
  4. I remember seeing it (in other colors) at Bloomingdale's.

  5. i love the dior one!
  6. i dunno where to find the white Dior one but they have the denim version on elux.
  7. The name of the Ferragamo is Gancio Sella. It is from their Spring line, so it might be hard to find in the traditional retail channels since the Fall styles are beginning to arrive.

    I love Ferragamo, too. My first designer bag was a Ferragamo! Their styles usually have a clean structured look and rarely look faddish. Some of the Fall styles are really nice!

    I think they might be a little more noticed these days since the Marisa was liked by many (the bag Sarah Jessica Parker carried in the movie Failure to Launch) on this forum!
  8. That Ferragamo is totally TDF, so cute and sophisticated! Its gorgeous!
  9. Thanks. THat's probably why I could not find the ferragamo bag anywhere on retails. I may try Ferragamo outlet since they might get the spring line in.

  10. I think I saw that bag at NM in White Plains, NY not that long ago. You can call and inquire. The telephone number is (914) 428-2000 extension 2516. Ask for Mann. He is my SA. I've purchased a lot of bags from him. Even if his store does not have it he will track it down for you. Tell him you're a friend of Kathleen's. The Dior store in Manhasset, NY had a lot of fllight bags. I didn't look too closely though. I was interested in a wallet the day I was there. You should give them a call. Good luck!
  11. The Ferragamo bag is a style they've been using consistently for a few years, so you may be able to find it again next spring. The have the larger version in both brown and in apple green. I absolutely love them, and I get complements on them all the time. I'm also a huge ferragamo fan, as their bags are more timeless than most others. Their shoes are also amazing and are really comfy. It's one of the few designers that regularly make heels under 3".

    For the past couple years, I thought Ferragamo bags/shoes were also a steal relative to the prices of lesser made bags. Unfortunately, it looks like they had a big price increase this year, so they aren't as good of a bargain.
  12. anyone know how much the ferragamo bag costs? not sure if its just good photography... or it is really one of the most pretty bag ive seen! Really considering getting it if priced reasonable....
    Btw, do u guys think the style resemble hermes too much? that would be my only concern... i dont want to own a bag thats like copyin off another bags style
  13. I saw a smaller version of the white bag at Saks yesterday and it look great (but the one I saw is in mustard color, not white). It looks great :smile: and now I really want to find the white one.