Identify This Fendi

  1. She is right on!! It is a vintage Fendi. Last one I saw was in 2001. It is even more breathtaking in person. They actually used that same gold logo hardware on a large train case made with Skunk fur/hair. Yes!!! I said SKUNK!! NO... It did not smell at all.
  2. i have this bag! bought it at a consignment store for $1,000 (!!) and have always wondered its history. another cool tidbit: it appears in SATC (the episode called "evolution" where carrie tries to leave things at big's apartment). i have watched this episode a hundred times and i just noticed it.
  3. OMG, what a steal!!! You are so lucky! :nuts:
  4. What kinda car is that it look ginormous compared to her
  5. It look likes a Ford Expedition.
  6. Wow that is awesome! :biggrin:
  7. gorgeous bag - I like it a lot
  8. so TYPICAL it would be vintage! i would kill for that bag.. and her birkin!
  9. hot bag!
  10. Hi! I was hoping someone could tell me if this bag has a specific name to it, all I have is a code. Thanks!:smile:
  11. what is the code?
  12. The code name is 8BR464, I hope this helps. Thanks!
  13. We have a white one in the outlet, I can check for you on Friday.
  14. Thanks so much!