Identify this Dior

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  1. hi everyone! i'm a new poster here - i'm about to sell off some of my bags on ebay and i have this one dior:


    that i bought from the dior outlet at cabazon, ca and wore only once, and don't know what the design or year is! could anybody help me identify? TIA!! :shame:
  2. Latest Blonde! :yes:
  3. THANK YOU both! i was googling everywhere and could not find this one! :smile:
  4. ^ i think Chrystalline might be interested in this if i recall correctly.
  5. Please use this thread to post name,pics of DIOR itmes you need the name of.We will try to help tell u the name and price/collection it is from!
  6. My sister is trying to look for this bag in pink with the number 2 on it. Does anyone know the name of it?:confused1:


    and whats the name of this one too..

    [​IMG] Thanks!:heart:
  7. I think the bottom one (the pink one) is called pink rain but I might be wrong
  8. Both of them are from the Diorissimo collection, the bottom is the pink plastic rain bag.
  9. Thank you so much for making this a sticky Jill!:tup:
  10. Hello!

    Does anyone know what Dior calls this type of Dior purse?

    I believe it is part of the My Dior or Dior Lady collection, but does Dior call it something more specific?

    Thanks! Happy 4th!

  11. yes its a part of Lady Dior collection, its an east/west tote :yes:
  12. _________________________________________





    Can anyone help me, what Dior collection or what did Dior call this bag? Also, what did it retail for?

    Any help is sincerely appreciated! Thanks!

  13. ___________________________________________





    Can anyone help, what Dior collection is this bag from? Isn't it something like Poison or Hardcore or?

    What was the approximate retail cost?

    Any assistance is sincerely appreciated. Thanks!

  14. __________________________________________




    Is this a Dior Around the World bag? If so, what country?

    If not, what kind of saddle is this?

    Anyone know maybe what retail cost was?

    Any assistance would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks!