Identify This Clutch

  1. :sos:
    What is the name/number of this clutch? i wanted to buy it from someone but i guess they decided not to sell, so i want to look for it on eBay. thanks!
  2. oh and this is not my picture it is hers i do not take any credit i am just using it as it is the only pic i have of it and i can not remember her user name.
  3. I've seen that on the automatic drilldown, but I don't know the style number.

    I'll run it again tonite and see what I can come up with.
  4. It's from the Soho line, not sure of the exact name. I'd call it a Soho buckle flap.
  5. Signature Vintage Studded... something along that line... I sold one a few yrs back.
  6. thanks all!