IDENTIFY This Chloe (color, style, year, price, etc.)

  1. This is a version of the Sally bag...and its beautiful! congrats....
  2. Thanks, mona. Do you know if it's discontinued? It's strange I don't see it anywhere either in-store or online as a new style.
  3. Yes it came out when the Sally came out last year...i think its on
    The Sally with the Chain handle was/is more popular....but I do love this style too!

    This style made it to the Chloe outlets....
  4. Wow, you know so much. I am thinking of returning it as I feel it's sort of big for me (I am 5'3"), but cannot let it go because of the deep discount (more than 60% off). It's a hard decision. :sad:
  5. Really? I would keep it, it's such a pretty bag and on such a good sale! I love the colors. I am pretty sure I saw a couple of Sally bags similar to this (they did not have the chain handles) at the Chloe Boutique and they were not on sale, from what I can remember. IMO this Sally style is unique and more practical than the ones with the chain handles IMO. I would keep it - but that is just me.
  6. ooo not sure looks very sallyish?
  7. I actaully don't care if it looks Sallyish, it's more practical than the Sally with chain handles and the color goes with anything. The only thing bother me is it's thick on the bottom so it looks big on me. I'll try to pose and take picture of it next time.
  8. It is a Miki Tote - well IMO
  9. Thank you!
  10. Ladies, I saw a super cute Chloe bag yesterday at Saks, but never see this style before. I searched online but found it nowhere. Could anybody ID it?

    It is a brown rectangular-ish medium-sized bag, calf-skin, a long shoulder strip, two short plastic(with metal?) handles, top golden zipper, a eclipse Chloe logo plate on the front of the bag, no front or back pocket, price at 1295 dollars for regular and 1595 for ostrich-print leather. I know it is hard to ID it with my awkward description....:sad: Could any expert help me here.

    Bunch of thanks:yahoo:
  11. ^^ I've gone through my info sheets and can't see anything which looks like your description:shrugs: I'm assuming it is a Chloe mainline and not See By Chloe?

    Without a photo its pretty difficult - I thought it may be one of the Eclipse bags - but you say its calf-skin - and they are made in Canvas but they are also being made with a textured finish -

    The other thought was by your description a Saskia - as it has the lucite handles with the metallic ends - and a small round disc with Chloe engraving -

    Any more clues??
  12. Sounds a little like the Victoria. Not sure if that style has a shoulder strap.