Identify this Chanel tote!

  1. Hello! I have a problem...I have fallen in love...with this Chanel. Does it have a name? Is it still avaliable? All I know is that it was purchased in Paris.
    Please please help! :smile:

    Thats the bag. Oh I just adore those twisted handels!
  2. Hmm it looks like an older version of the vintage ligne tote. I would say from 2004 maybe? Your best bet is eBay or consignment stores. If it is an older version of the vintage ligne tote, the vintage ligne has alot of other handheld bags with braided handles. it's lovely.
  3. :yes: This was available last season and I'm sure still in stores. I'm not sure what it's called, but I saw it at Neiman's in gold.