identify this chanel bag- snakeskin?

  1. hi, does this bag look familiar to anyone? thanks... i think i really want it but would like to know more about the model if possible :flowers:
  2. I hate to tell you, this one is actually fake- it's a new bag which means it shouldn't have that book with it. The hologram also has a rainbow glow to it which it shouldn't. It is gorgeous though! Check out the exotics in the reference library for pics and info on authentic Chanel snakeskin bags. Hope that helps.
  3. gosh, thanks SO much for the heads up! do you think i'll have any luck locating it through the chanel boutique if it's a newer model?
  4. I've never seen that exact style so i'm not sure if they even made it, but if they did it would retail for between $4,000-$5,000. You can contact Chanel and see what they might have available- it can't hurt! If they did make this style someone might be able to give you a style number Chanel can look it up by.
    Here's the link to the reference library posts in case you see something you like:
  5. thanks a bunch ^^
  6. No problem and good luck. Their exotics are AMAZING! I wish I could foot the bill for one! Hope you find one you love!