Identify this chanel bag!! And where would be best..

  1. [​IMG]Hey girls..Need help identifying this Chanel Bag :confused1: I bought it in Harrods Concession (Chanel)( Last August I Think lol) cost me £945
    Also where would be the best place to sell on as Im selling it (Brand new with receipt and all!) To fund My Balenciaga Fund hehe
  2. [​IMG]Also I have a huge logo vintage tote... and one im not sure of authenticity that was given to my mother...any help would be deeply appreciated!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Neither of the last two bags you posted is authentic.
  5. Hi
    The tote with the white cc's Has the hologram in it (also was my mothers)!
    She bought them in A Boutique on sloane street!!
    :amazed: :amazed:
  6. a hologram does not make a bag authentic, most counterfeits have them.
  7. bummer! I'll Have to give those 2 to my Sister then!! :crybaby: What about the First one I know that is authentic as I bought it myself in Harrods!!! Does Anyone know the name? ;)
  8. The first bag looks like the diamond stich.
  9. I agree, the first is the diamond stitch tote!
  10. :wtf: :shocked: Ladies, do you think the diamond stitch tote is real?
  11. I Bought it in the Harrods Chanel Shoe Department On 2nd Floor Chanel concession Next to Dior!! So I would be very shocked to find it to be fake!!! :noworry:
    What Sort of price Would it be valued at now... I was Hoping to get £500-600 As I paid £945
  12. The first is a large diamond stitch tote, the second CAN be a vintage (look how many numbers are on the hologram, I believe if it is 6 digits or fewer, it is vintage!), The third I'm not familiar with.
  13. If the first bag was bought in Harrod's in August....why does the photo bear an eBay watermark and is dated in April???

    The second bag looks very fake. That does not look like leather at all. Very plasticy.

    I'm voting fake on the last two. As for the first one...see my questions above. As for the authenticity of the first bag, it cannot be determined from the photo posted.
  14. That Picture was taken August 4th 2006,I did put it on eBay back then And as I don't save originals Thats the one I have saved in my bag file..I have the receipt here It was bought 19th July 2006!!!

    The second one as I said I wasn't sure It is leather and has Various Chanel vintage markings inside...

    And the third Has A Hologram bearing 6 digits along with A chanel White Old Duster...
  15. I can't see the 1st photo well enough, it's way too dark.