Identify This Burberry

  1. i already order these burberry bag, but i still doubt its authentic or not. cause i never seen it before.. please somebody help me....
  2. I bought this vintage Burberrys bag on a Swedish site connected to eBay. It struck me that this bag must be either fake or very, very old.
    Does anyone know how old this bag might be or any other information about it?
  3. Genuine bag - vintage.
  4. Thanks for the reply, any idea how old it is or what it is called?
  5. looks alright pattern looks centred. there should be a made in china tag on the inside for these nova check bags
  6. thank you shan88
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    I was wondering if anyone has any info on this classic check wallet. I received it from a relative. It is brand new in box, plastic, with dust cover. I believe it may be from 2009 or 2010 collection? Would love to know an estimated price, as I plan to sell it. Thanks in advance! :smile:

    Edit: the label info would probably help too

    Product 11191257 SC CLS PURS
    Colour combination 106
    P/W Order 128896
    SKU 509894465509 and 2453146
    002.JPG 003.JPG 004.JPG

  8. please post additional pics when you get it, just for better reference and double checking.
  9. I already posted it on Authenticate My Burberry forum, on page 202. Looks like terite still check it for me. hopefully u can help me too. heh
  10. Hi

    Can anyone tell me if this coat worn by zara phillips in 2010 is burberry?

    It's about half way down the page in this link and has a fox fur collar?

    Please help? Once I know what it is I might have half a chance of finding it!
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    Hi all. I'd like to have a Manor bag on eBay I'm watching authenticated and have asked for photos of the serial #/made in tag but seller claims her bag does not have these tags as it was a sample sale item. I've never heard of this; I thought all Burberry bags have serial numbers (and certainly my Manor's all do). Also, does anyone know how Burberry marks their sample sale bags? This bag has a red mark/dot on the interior stamped label. Is this legit? Does Burberry mark sample bags in other ways as well? Thank you in advance for any help offered!!