identify this burberry pls!!

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  1. Hey everyone!!..

    got this as a gift for my gf.. from a boutique in cardiff..

    was told it was a recent design.though i didn't see it on the offcial burberry website.

    was told it wasn't a outet model

    trying to figure out how old the model is..

    any help would be appreciated.

    the above link is the bag i am speaking of..

    i didnt get it off that website though .

    the bag came brand new with tags and dust bag and sealed and all

  2. Guess you're new to the Burberry forum because usually if you want your bag to be identified then you can go to the identify this thread in the stickies...i think it might be from previous seasons because Burberry does have designs like that...Posting pictures will help alot.:smile: