Identify this Balenciaga


May 4, 2006
hi guys. my friend who is a bit older than me, a fashion stylist, who also teases me about my bbag habit told that she had an older
bbag that she got from a shoot a while back that she never used and is in her closet. she said it was from before the motorcycle bags, she thinks it was perhaps 2001. i asked her to bring it to dinner last night and she did. i dont have pics but i will describe.

it was black, sort of pouchlike with a really big flap front. it had a buckel belt type strap that went around the whole bag, around the bottom and attacked, up the sides, then up into the strap. if you put it on your shoulder it would hit kind of at your waist.

then inside the bag it had a zipper compartment, then a leather tag that read "balenciaga" but the tag was rather large. then you flip the tag over, and the mirror is under there, attached to the back of the tag.
it also had tassels attached to either side of the bag to where the stap was attached on brass rings. there were a few studs that were holding the strap to the bag that looked like flat brass studs to me

and... it was so so so so soft........just buttery.

i have to take pics to show you, but wanted to know if anyone knew what bag this was...
im gonna get her to sell me that bag!!!

AHH! I know which bag you are talking about!!!!!!! I've seen a pebbled one before.... I am just guessing, but if it has the mirror and just a Balenciaga tag.. it might be '02, from a 'spinoff' of the moto bags? I know my belted buckle that is 'half moto' LOL has the most incredible leather and it is '02 and has a mirror..........

I know the '01's didn't come with mirrors... and the '01 moto bags had le dix (I'm assuming the others did too).. the '02 is when the mirrors came... and they changed the tag to Balenciaga.
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wow! thanks mimi, i knew you would know. so its an 02. did it come after the moto bags, or before?

and i definitely should do whatever i can to make her give it to me!!

its so soft!
noo, i dont think it's called the belted buckle - the one i have (and lp has) i call it that because the strap is like a double belted buckle! sorry for the confusion.

im not positive, but im pretty sure it came after the moto bags, like during the process of the flat brass moto bags, etc. i dont think ghesquiere used mirrors until '02, and i know some were handheld like the moto's and then some were attached to the bag.... but i could be wrong. the thing that makes me think it is '02 is the tag, it just says balenciaga with a suede back right?

and yes, you should get it! yummy!
yep. suede back tag. mounted mirror. It makes sense cause there are a few studs on the bag that hold the strap on, and they look like the flat brass studs, so it does make sense that it was made at the same time as the flat brass hobos. but the leather is different. much softer.
i was trying to act casual when she pulled it out. as in "well, if you really dont want it, ill take if off your hands.."

she had asked me a month or so ago if i would put it on ebay for her.

but that was before i saw it!... i think she'll let me have it. shes a good good friend...
oh oh oh! toni, yeah, I've seen ONE of these on eBay long ago. Don't know what it's called, but - there were a few bags that included belt components a few years ago -

- the hobo that mimi & I have (and someone else here has a black one, can't remember who?) that has a belt doubled through o-rings for its handle

- a suede hobo/tote that's just a flat sac with a short belt attached as the handle - buckle end sewn on one side at the top, tongue end sewn to the other side

- and this one! You absolutely must get hold of it!!

I wonder if there are others? Anybody know of any more Bal bags with belt elements? ooh, I love stuff like this...

^ Morning, mimi!!
toni! yes, it sounds like the incredible leather that is on my (and lp and varsha's) belted bag! the bag we have also has the flat brass studs to hold it together! i definitely think it's '02!!!! soooo awesome. you really need to get your hands on it!

hey lp! ;) varsha was the other pf'er who has the black one! and i agree, i love the different variations too!
shes a pretty good stylist as well, so im sure she knew what she was doing when she picked it. sounds like you know the bag.. it was not flat, it was more pouchlike with the big front flap, brass O rings on either side, and tassels on each side. i sat it right next to my first at the restaurant, so i could get a real good mental image and it was about as wide as the first, about as tall, but had a bit more depth, but cause it was so soft it sort of slouched down. I could not keep my eyes off it!! i will get that bag!!!!
I have a UBB too (unidentified B Bag), I can't find our camera but I'll post pics when I do--I know it's real, I bought it myself at Barney's and I can't remember when, at least 4 or 5 years ago

It's caramel color, belt strap that's doubled and hooks thru gold rings. the bag has a drawstring about 2 inches from the top, a zip pocket along the front, a pocket inside and a leather tag that says Balenciaga Paris. it also came with a mirror. sound familiar to anyone?

It's a beautiful bag but I never use it and am thinking about putting it on ebay if I could figure out a value