Identify This Balenciaga (Color? Style? Year? -- Authenticated Bbags Only)

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What color is this bag?

  1. Amethyst

  2. Pale Magenta

  3. Bubblegum

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  1. Hi all! Just saw this on eBay and I thought the color was nice. However I did a search on "Vieux rose" and somehow these two colors don't really match. Could anyone please help identify or confirm the color? Thanks in advance!
    image-4134812318.jpg image-1003447052.jpg
  2. This definitely isn't Vieux Rose. It is Parme which is more of a mauve color. Hope that helps.
  3. Thats what I thought too... and Im seeing so many different sides of Parme. Not sure how Parme really looks like IRL too
  4. Personally, I saw Parme IRL and thought it was very feminine and neutral. If I had the funds at the time, I would have gotten one.
  5. Does it look really pink though? I'm looking for my first Bal bag and all the other bags that I have are black. I really want the Anthra with giant gold hardware but thats so hard to find now... so second option would be to purchase one which is more neutral/brownish tone- saw so many pics on the forum but still contemplating on this color......
  6. It doesn't look overly pink. It is pink, but more of a mauve color (think dark rose). If you are looking for brown, I don't think this is it for you. It is definitely neutral and can act in place of brown. I'm not sure if that makes any sense or helps.
  7. Hi, I am new to Bal forum. I would appreciate your help in identifying this Bal. It looks like a vintage Bal without the studs.

  8. Hi quick question did the bal lattice 2009 come in a navy blue backround combo with rainbow lattice?

    If it was a first would it have a leather tag rather than a metal? Thanks :roflmfao:
    any help greatly appreciated! ;)
  9. Yes, it did come in a Navy blue background; can't remember if it had a metal tag .. but if it was a First or City, it would likely have had the metal tag. Check the reference threads to see if anyone has posted having one of these bags.
  10. I have this bag in the City style and it has a leather tag.....
    ....maybe because it was a special edition bag?
  11. LE Bbags come with leather tags so the 2009 Lattice First you're referring to should have a leather tag.
  12. Any idea what Balenciaga bag is this? Name, color, style..?
    Sorry for not too clear pictures.
    bhiotrjgoaefe.jpg bnhtebsrfh.jpg
  13. Its a vert sauge rggh city.IMO!
  14. Please id color style and year for me?

  15. 2010 Castagna GCH Work
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