Identify This Balenciaga (Color? Style? Year? -- Authenticated Bbags Only)


What color is this bag?

  1. Amethyst

  2. Pale Magenta

  3. Bubblegum

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  1. It is very nice - what a great find! It reminds me of the purse style; could it have just been an "early" purse?

    Either way - I'd keep it and use it - using it will not reduce its value. :smile:
  2. Definitely keep's a treasure, and it's yours!
  3. ^^ lol, i second that mas!!! :roflmfao::p:heart:
  4. u think?? early "purse"...:love: could be...maybe..
    I don't kinda looks like an old city, but smaller and no double zip just tassle detailing...snap closure...:smile:
  5. I was going to say it reminded me of a cross between a city and a purse. KEEP IT! Do you have any idea how much it is worth?
  6. gorgeous! never ever seen this before! yummmm!

    it reminds me of my flat brass flap bag- same leather, details, hardware!! squee!

    I just took pics of it today- it SERIOUSLY has the world's best leather!
  7. wow what great finds you girls have! :drool:
  8. I'm in agreement with Loganz (welcome back babe!!!! :heart:)

    I have seen this style before and it has always reminded me of an early purse... so I'm going to go with the early purse theory as well. ;)

    I don't see why you can't use it! I definitely would! It will be even more special because it has a bit of history added on to it... the story with your mom and all. Just enjoy!
  9. I usually hate the FB bags....but WOWWWWWWWW this is soooooo beautiful!!!!!!! congrats !!!!
  10. I wish my mom had a beauty like that.
    Very pretty
  11. oooh pretty!!! keep it!
  12. Wow!! That is a fantastic rediscovery! Love it!

    You should def. use it, and it well!!
  13. Such a cool bag. Congratulations!
  14. that bag is a KEEPER!

    It's like an urban bag myth!

    use it lots
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.