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  1. Girls....
    please help me identify this Balenciaga bag!

    Okay, you guys are going to die when you see this bag!

    All these years my mom has been telling me she had this amazing "vintage" Balenciaga bag in her storage (which she never goes to)...

    I've never paid any attention even though we've been collecting all the recent years bags in an array of colors..:rolleyes: :love:
    anyway, she finally gave me the bag and boy I was DEFINITELY missing out! :wtf:

    I can either try and sell it on eBay or keep it all for myself.. but, I'm too scared to use it..:love:'s too gorgeous! This belongs in a B bag museum.

    Here are the details..
    it's definitely not a first bag because it doesn't have the O rings on each side and no strap..:confused1:

    It's more like a "city" bag would be back in the day just not as big....but, much bigger than the first..

    It's got the same tassled zip front (deep front pocket), inside sewn on leather patch with
    Le Dix (first line)
    Balenciaga (second line)
    Paris (third line)
    in gold, made in the softest most melt in your hands buttery leather you'll ever feel..:love:
    It's dark chocolate brown, flat brass, tassled sides (they hang the way the tassles would on todays city bag)
    and a magnetic snap closure!!!.... please someone identify this Le Dix bag!

    My mom says she has the receipt, original tags and even the original dustbag, but of course somewhere in storage (not with the bag)....unfortunately...

    She bought it at Barneys NY on her trip to NYC in late 2000...she remembers it was fall either sept, oct or nov..?? and they were very limited...first season?? has to be..but, what model..le dix??

    Someone, anyone help.. I'd love to know what style this was called...;)
    I'll post pics...
  2. Ooo can't wait for pictures... i'll be BACK!
  3. It must be the 'Le Dix'. I pulled out my mums old balenciaga shoes, and her old handbags (I have to say- not THAT nice at all though). Bought from Spain yeaaarrrssss (decades- I hope she isnt reading this- she will kill me for saying that!') ago.

    I would love to see the old le Dix though. please post pics!
  4. Oh I would love to see pics as well!!
  5. pics!!
    :drool: :drool: :wtf: :wtf: :nuts:
    flatbrs1.JPG flatbrs2.JPG flatbrs3.JPG flatbrs4.JPG flatbrs5.JPG
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  6. more pics....:nuts:
    flatbrs6.JPG flatbrs9.JPG flatbrs10.JPG flatbrs12.JPG flatbrs13.JPG
  7. more....
    flatbrs14.JPG flatbrs15.JPG flatbrs16.JPG
  8. :wtf: :nuts:

    All I can say is WOW. Never laid eyes on anything like this. Love the shape and proportions!

    But why must little miss Cherry Spy always make cameo appearances just to torment me?:crybaby:
  9. :graucho: hahahahha!!...
    aww...she's jealous of seeing the Le Dix getting all the attention...I told her no pics...but, she insisted...
    bad girl...I put her in the closet in "time out"...
    :winkiss: :roflmfao:
  10. Very unique.:nuts: Why don't you e-mail the pic to BalNY and ask one of the SAs.:yes:
  11. wow, for some reason that makes me think of the celine boogie bag! a balenciaga boogie, yum :drool:
  12. Wow, I've only once seen this style, and it came and went on eBay in about a nanosecond with one fuzzy picture... congrats on getting your hands on something so unique!!
  13. if I take the stuffing outta the bag it just's soo slouchy...
    it's like butter...:love:
  14. wow! you remember the style name...??:nuts: :love:
  15. OMG That's amazing!!! I wish my mom had stuff like that!!!
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