Identify this bag: Honda Accord commercial

  1. OK, ladies, this is going to be a hard one, as I have no pictures, and I can't find the commercial... There's an ad running on U.S. television (at least in the midwest) for a Honda Accord; a woman is leaning against her Accord, talking to a guy leaning against his Accord, and she has a light brown/tan leather shoulder bag on her arm. Two straps. Metal rings holding the strap to the bag. I absolutely love the looks of this bag ...

    I wish you all luck identifying this one~
  2. I know that commerical...Ill pay attention to her bag. :smile:
  3. Oh please. Please. If you have a TiVO or something, freeze that frame - :rolleyes: the next time you see it.

    I've seen the commercial several times, and finally got to the point where I was looking at other things and WHAM - it hit me. I loved the bag!!!
  4. I was wondering the same thing, I liked that bag, the shape and the handles... but have NO idea who it's by!
  5. does honda have their ad campaign on their website??
  6. Not that I could find. I may end up sending them an e-mail to see what can be found out -.