Identify this bag for me

  1. Hi, bought this bag for my wife several years ago and we lost it in Hurricane Wilma. She loved it and still talks about it. I would like to try and find one for her. Can anyone help me with a name or style? I am sure I will need to search for a used one, but I don't know where to start. Thanks....
  2. Try sending an e-mail to Coach (go to their page and customer service). Add the photo to the picture.
  3. Wow, that looks just like a place in Bonita Springs/Naples, FL that I used to go to!
  4. Thanks for all the help. I will contact Coach, but I think it probably is a discontinued model. Is there anywere I can look to replace it?

    And I live in Florida, but the picture is from a trip to Portland, Oregon.
  5. You're so sweet. Good luck finding the bag!
  6. I hope you find the bag. Your a great husband for trying to replace it. Your best bet would be eBay.
  7. ooh good luck finding it!!! its a beautiful bag!!