identify these heels???

  1. :welcome: Hello, YSL fans!
    Can any of you tell me anything about these shoes? I found them in a thrift store a couple years ago...I don't know if they're authentic or not, vintage or fairly new, what they're called, or anything...the heels themselves are about 3.25" tall, but total the shoes make me about 4" taller. The heels are really shiny, the ankle straps are a dark silver color and the strap at the toes is covered with 12 very thin silver chains (something I didn't realize until just now! Lol, that's quite cool actually!). On the bottom they say:
    Despite their looks the shoes are actually quite comfortable to walk in; they are slightly flexible. Basically I'm in love but wish I knew more about them! Help...?

    Thanks in advance!

    (P.S. the weird reflection in the second-to-last picture is my dad's head as he sat nearby, no doubt wondering why I was photographing my
    shoess 002.jpg shoess 004.jpg shoess 005.jpg shoess 007.jpg shoess 003.jpg
  2. They are very cute! Did you try posting this thread on the 'Glass slipper'? They are very helpful there!
  3. no, i never noticed that category! thanks for the advice!