Identify the BV

  1. I helped a friend of mine move last year, and she gave me this bag as a thank you. She didn't remember the style, and was discarding it due to the ink marks in the interior. I like to know the history of my purses - can anyone identify the bag, year, and possibly the original cost?
    BV front_1.JPG BV Open_1.JPG BV Side_1.JPG
  2. Anyone? Should I post larger pictures?
    Or is there a place with older BV catalogs online.

    I know it came in three sizes, and in black and tan, and had an all-woven style, woven top style, and the solid one.
  3. All I know is that it's a "creel" style--as in fishing creel for fishermen who do flycasting. I haven't seen it in catalogs for a few years, but I don't know how old it is or the price. I've seen a few on eBay, usually the woven ones. That one is a beautiful color.

    The next time I'm in the BV store, I'm going to ask my SA or the store manager how we can track down the history of these bags--and if there's a source for older catalogs. I wish I'd started my interest in BV earlier.
  4. Oh wow. That's a lovely bag in such a striking colour!!

    Any possibility of you bringing the bag down to a BV store to ask them for more information on the bag? It'll be interesting to know more about it! :yes:
  5. Yeah my knowledge starts with in 2005 (in 2004 I was very much into LV that season) - and I pretty much have looked at every bag in the stores since then, and I focused more on the seasonal lines because of their uniqueness - at BV, Barneys, NM and Saks - since then so I have a pretty good recollection but before that . . . I don't know