Identify real crocodile?

  1. Hello:

    Do you guys know how to identify authentic croc / alligator skin? I have seen many bags in Florence last year that were beautifully made and came with "Vero Crocodillo" certificate but the price seemed low for real crocodille... Any ideas?
  2. Fake croc and alligator is just embossed cowhide. If you look closely you'll see very fine pores all over the skin.
  3. It's usually very easy to spot! In addition to what
    Hermesgroupie mentioned
    embossed leather don't really have "scales" like real reptile leather. IF you can't see it right away, try to feel it!
  4. And the pattern tends to repeat with the fake stuff.
  5. Thanks girls. But is it possible to get a 35 cm bag for 600 euros though??? that was how cheap they were and they looked pretty authentic
  6. Are you asking about H bags? If you are, then no. Not even if it were vintage would it sell for that price.
  7. with H no way! and even with other brands i doubt it is possible to get croc for that price maybe alligator (you know to a lot of people everything with scales is advertised as croc)