Identify please help?!

  1. Hey gals!
    I bought this bracelet today from someone at a yard sale and she told me it was a designer bracelet but I dont remember what she said???

    Can anyone tell me if they recognize this at all? Stores that sell it? A designer? Price Point?

    Its VERY heavy and a really nice Sterling Silver (Marked .925).

    Any help would be appreciated.



  2. Doesn't look familiar- does it have a hallmarking or any other symbols/writings on it?
  3. Nope....didnt pay much for it. So not really concerned but wanted to see if it rang a bell with anyone! :smile:
    Thanks Japs!
  4. Not sure, but it's cute! I can imagine it making the most darling twinkling sound!
  5. Your right it does!! :smile:
  6. selena you always find the best stuff at garage sales! i've never seen anything like that before, but it's really cute. i like the toggle clasp.
  7. Selena,
    I recognize it. It is from a home jewelry type of business. You know home jewelry parties? Anyway, if not mistaken, it is from a company called Silpada. It is probably about $120-$145 retail at a party. You can find a ton of Silpada jewelry on ebay and you can find them online. Their jewelry is all nice quality and can rival many of the better sterling silver jewelry makers.
  8. Very cute Selena! Man! I need to come and hang out with you on Saturday mornings!
  9. I don't know what designer it's from, but it sure it very pretty! Enjoy!
  10. SPILPADA! That is what she said!!! Thank you so much! She also said it was about $150 so you are right on target! I only paid $10 for it so I am happy! The quality was really nice! I have been lucky at yard sales. My daughter got a brand new only used a few times Dooney and Burke..the one that is kind of shaped like a speedy and is cream with the multi color letters on it. Only $25!!! Plus the lady threw in a Coach leather mini notepad! Needless to say she was pretty happy! :smile:
    Thanks for your help in this!! Much appreciated!
  11. Sure printmodel..but I might knock you down if i see a deal! LOL
    I am pretty competitive! LOL
  12. Hey gang! I just checked ebay. It is a Silpada piece. Its called the Cha Cha bracelet and it retailed for $149.00 and is going on Ebay for about $120....I dont think I will sell it however. Its really cute and sounds sooo cute when I move around! :smile:

    Thanks again for all your help. If i Can help anyone with anything dont hesitate to ask :smile:
  13. Selena ~ What Nice Finds! "The Cha Cha Bracelet" Is Such A Perfect Name For It....Very Cute! :smile: .......Your Daughter Must Be So Excited With Her Dooney! Lucky Girl!!! :smile:
  14. Wow-you get great garage sale finds-you must live in a good neighborhood ;)

    Now that the weathe ris nice-I have to start doing the yard sales around here
  15. Denise you should!! We bought my mother a BEAUTIFUL sofa table with glass top for $15! It is perfect brand new condition and very designer. My son is a lego maniac and yesterday this lady had 6 large shopping bags filled with assorted legos. We asked her how much for all and she said $15! He got home and starting sifting thru them and was literally shaking and in tears. He must have had about $1,000 in legos. Star Wars, Harry Potter, all kinds of stuff. He sat up in his room all day going thru everything. My kids both declared yesterday..they are not spending anymore of their money on retail items....LOL.
    NO more nagging to go with me to the mall which is my BEST yardsale find ever! LOL LOL