Identify cute shoes on kimberly stewart

  1. anyone know whose shoe these are?
  2. Looks like Chloe
  3. Looks like Louboutins. They're gorgeous, that's for sure!

  4. shoe angel is right, the chloes have an ankle strap, pic from NAP
  5. thanks guys! shoeangel, do you know where they're selling these shoes? i checked Saks, neiman and NAP and couldn't find them.
  6. They are sooooo gorgeous! I wish I could afford these cuties. (I hope knock-offs become available).

    Available at Neiman Marcus.
    Neiman Marcus* -*Patent Leather Wedge
  7. holy cow, i didnt know they were $710...i can buy a pair of jimmy choo boots with that!
  8. Those are gorgeous- wonder if I'd be able to walk in them though.:P
  9. I've seen several knock offs in a few brands that unfortunately the only one that comes to mind right now is a pair by juicy couture, i think i saw them on Neiman Marcus' website
  10. louboutins for sure...
    btw, they're way too cute...:love::love: