Identify Beyonce's bag!

  1. Anyone know the designer?


    Per (April 9, 2007)
  2. I just saw a picture of her carrying that bag, it is too cute!:heart:
  3. it's pretty!!!
  4. Could that be one of the bags from her line House Derron (sp)?

  5. Good thinking :yes:
  6. Love that bag!
  7. I would think a chloe...B.c the padlock.. But I can be wrong
  8. Chloe doesn't make a style like that.

    It's probably House of Dereon.
  9. i like that bag!
  10. Part of me wants to say YSL because of the buckles. It doesn't match the usual style of her brand, but I guess it could also be her brand.
  11. I really like that bag! I hope someone comes along who can identify it!
  12. that would make sense since she's one S.T. spokesperson.:yes: