Identification of MJ Satchel

  1. Sorry in advance for the tiny picture! I've looked all over the place and can't find the name of this particular style MJ bag. The color is called Talc and it was on BG's website. Can anyone ID it for me? Thanks!!
  2. I don't think this bag had a name. A LOT of MJ bags do not have names...
  3. Thanks, Wicked. I've looked at every place I could think of, legit and otherwise, that sells MJ and could NOT find this exact style. Several were close, but there was always some detail off. Guess I'll find out when the FedEx truck arrives tomorrow.
  4. Hi Prada Psycho -- It's called the "Soft Leather Max". I found it on the Marc Jacobs website ( under the spring Marc by Marc Jacobs bags.
  5. Yeah! Bag Lover, you get the gold star!! :yahoo:

    I looked mysefl BLIND on his website yesterday and didn't see it. Of course fact that the default picture is the black version and dopey me was fixated on white, I missed it! Thanks so much!! I figured it was from the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection by the price (originally $325) but being the impatient one, I couldn't wait until it was delivered to find out more about it. It's a lot bigger than I thought according to the measurements they list, but I prefer what these days is a "smaller" bag. If I decided to keep it, I'll post some pictures of it later! It looks really cute! :tender:
  6. You're welcome, Prada Psycho! I hope you like your bag! BTW, Happy Birthday :flowers: !!