Identification And Info Please!!!

  1. I have posted on here before and have finally gotten some photos ready.

    I have recently inherited a rather fab collection of bags.

    I would like help with identifying each one if possible [they are all vintage - well at least 4 years old] Also if anyone can give me an estimate of their costs it would be greatly appreciated.

    All authentic with id cards etc and original boxes etc.

    Many Thanks.



    I spose i should try and describe each in better detail?

    1. Patent leather and lambskin trim in Aqua/Turquoise maybe 4 inches tall?
    2. Beige Ponyhide COCO laser cute with purple leather chain and inside flap.
    3. Double C Small Purse with Long Chain
    4. Patent Leather Laser cut Roses with logo in center 4 inches tall?
    5. Large Quilted Lambskin double chain. [sadly kitty used it as a scratching post] :sad:
    6. Black Lambskin evening bag with black ruffles, gold chain and logo on zipper.
    7. Large Quilted Chocolate Suede double chain.
    8. Cream Lambskin messenger? [called a 3 way bag] with long chain wrapped around edges.
    9. Cyan/Blue Leather ridged bag.
    10. Fushcia-Red-Orange Tweed Quilted Bag with Red Leather Chain

    Thank you
    Aqua.jpg Beige_Ponyhide.jpg Black_Long_Purse.jpg Black_patent.jpg Black_quilted.jpg Black_ruffled.jpg Chocolate_Suede.jpg Cream_Chain.jpg Cyan.jpg Pink_Orange_Red_Tweed.jpg
  2. you HAVE posted here before?
  3. yes i have, tho i had to re-register for i forgot my login details. hehe

    previously i was asking about a black and beige Bakelite Plastic Chanel that I have. I have not taken a picture of it as yet, but I shall shortly.

    I am trying to gather info on my collection as I am pretty ignorant to it all. :smile:

    It's a pain that I cannot find one website that chronicles the history and types of hangbags released by Chanel.
  4. holy crap. no info on any of those but man, those are some GORGEOUS Chanels!! and they look like they are in superb condition!
  5. thank you.
    I am very proud of it and i still have another 17 or so to photograph.

    Most of them have never been used [the plus of a relative who had a shopping addiction].

    My favorite is my bakelite plastic one and a very big bugglegum pink quilted bag. Will post pics soon.
  6. Beautiful bags. I'm sorry I can't help identifiying them or providing prices.:shrugs:
  7. i wish i had a relative like that!!
  8. yeah, i'm very lucky.

    long story tho.

    is there a website that anyone knows of that list's all the different styles and makes of designer handbags...or am i clutching at straws?
  9. Ohhhh! Nice inheritance. Wow must have been a super dresser. All that Chanel!
  10. no websites as far as I know. . .

    what was your previous ID, do you remember? We don't allow 2 for one person so we can remove it for you.
  11. LOL! I didn't even attempt to find it!
    tres obvious! :yes:
  12. Wow! You're such a lucky girl!
  13. the black one on the top row is called the BLACK CAVIAR WALLET-PURSE (yup) it used to be around $695 but it is around 900 now.

    the first one on the third row is the chanel leather ruffle, it also came in suede.. i think it was $995

    and.. the bottom tweed one is around 1295 i think
  14. you are lucky to get this collection!