Identificate this cute dog for me please!

  1. I dont know much about dogs but I love them, I've been thinking about getting a small dog. I was at a friends baby shower and they had the cutest little dog ever, she said it was a poodle, but I though they were smaller. The dog was so well behave and super cute.



  2. It is indeed a poodle. The owners don't have it groomed in the usual poodle trim. That's why it may look different to you. Poodles come in three sizes: toy, miniature, and standard. This little guy is a miniature.
  3. I have a bichon frise and they look very similar to miniature poodles. Very cute and cuddly dogs!
  4. Yes, looks like a bichon.
  5. Yeah, they did mention something about not grooming the dog, I loved him and now I want one so bad. Its not very big and it was so sweet to me and DD. I had a cocker spaniel when I was 16, she died at age 2. I was devastated and never wanted to have another one 'till I meet little Lewi. Does anyone owns a toy one? If yes, could you please post a picture?
  6. my FIL loves poodles - he's got one now that is just the sweetest thing! One thing Dad loves about them is the lack of shedding - just keep him groomed (not necessarily in the typical poodle cut) and you have a dog that doesn't shed. Very smart dogs...
  7. We used to have a little black miniature poodle when I was a kid. I loved him so much, hands down, he was the best dog I've ever had.
  8. Looks like a Bichon Frise to me! But it could indeed be a poodle without the "poodle cut"
  9. She looks like a beautiful poodle or Bichon Frise to me!
  10. It is a poodle. It is not a bichon. The tail is wrong for a bichon. I've had both poodles and bichons. :smile:
  11. Yup, he's a poodle. My aunt has three poodles and they are the absolute cuttest and cuddliest. They are so attached to her, they cry when she's gone, they will lay on her every night in the same spots, they are lap dogs, they are just great companions. I would definitely go for a poodle! All three of my aunt's poodles are resue dogs found on, and they came from rough backgrounds, and my aunt has earned their trust. If you do get a dog, I highly recommend getting a rescue dog, and giving him/her the love they didn't get. :smile:
  12. looks like a bichon. too long of a body for a poodle.
  13. Perhaps a cross of the 2?? Designer dogs are all the rage now - right? :s My first instinct of the sturdy body was bichon, but the docked tail made me think poodle. Often when backyard breeders or puppy mills have a crossed littler they have to guess at which breed the pup will most resemble and do aesthetic croppings to match these guesses.

    I see MANY poodles and bichons as a groomer, so I say it best fits a mix.

    CRYLATER3 I beg you to please research various breeds before deciding on one. I see many more ill behaved small dogs than large... perhaps as more small dogs require a groomer's care :confused1:. If you decided on a "low shed" breed like a B or P (or a mix) or whatever, be prepared for constant grooming expense of about 50 bucks every 6-8 weeks. As a first dog I would strongly suggest looking into adopting a dog that is over 2 years old so you do not need to worry about the puppy training stage (potty, teething, alteration, booster shots, etc, etc), and so you can better determine the dog's personality before adoption, and perhaps they may already know some basic manners!!!

    My fave place to admire pets is - ENJOY!!
  14. Thanks for all the information guys. And definetly will adopt a dog if I get one. I really appreciate all the info ASARK.. thanks a lot