Ideeli Customer Service

  1. Would anyone here happen to know Ideeli's customer service number?

    I am waiting for a resolution to a certain matter but they are just plain ignoring my emails.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Thank you, Bellafleur! That's so weird that Gisele Bundchen lives in the same building!
  3. Ok. I just called 4 times, and each time I was put on hold for a few seconds then I got a message saying "Thank you for calling Ideeli. Sorry we missed your call. Please leave a message". This company isn't very good with communication imo.
  4. You know, I have a feeling there aren't very many people who work there, and maybe they even operate out of someone's apartment. Maybe not, but it's weird that people live in this building, isn't it? They probably don't have a receptionist per se, so that's why they only want e-mails. I would definitely leave a message or two or six! What kind of problem are you having with them?
  5. I ordered a Hype bag April 2nd, and when I finally got it in the mail later that month, it was a completely different bag. I emailed them twice with pictures before they would send me a return label, and now that it is showing that it has arrived at their warehouse a couple days ago, I'm just waiting for them to give me a refund or send a replacement.

    I never thought purchasing a bag could turn into a month-long ordeal. My patience is seriously running low.
  6. I also ordered a hype bag - 14 days ago. They're supposed to ship within 10 but the status still says "in process". I've sent them 2 messages online and tried to call but I just get redirected to their voicemail.

    Customer service is awful! They charged my credit card when I ordered the bag and they still haven't shipped it to me. And they can't even be bothered to respond to me. I'm really annoyed by this. Has anyone else had a good resolution of their customer service issue with ideeli??
  7. I had problems with them before christmas. I kept asking why my stuff hadnt shipped, i put them on my email list and everything. finally i emailed them so many times they actually called my house and said they were sorry but my items had been short shipped. I have no idea why i never got their emails but in the end it worked out and they gave me a credit.
  8. I had a bit of slow shipping. I emailed to cancel and was told it was on the truck that day so it did eventually arrive ok. I think I will stick with Gilt. They seem to have a more robust order tracking / shipping / customer service thing happening.
  9. I think I remember that guy's name in CS is Jonathan-there is Jonathan living in that building, perhaps he is the operations guy
  10. i never had an issue getting a reply from ideeli. a number of times i've returned defective bags, with slit in the leather, defective issues, etc. i just email them on their contact form, or at and you hear back within a few days. they will then send a return label if it's a return, and you get your money back once they get the bag. also, they even called me to say they were giving me the refund. i should have kept the number they called from, i didn't.

    send an email a day until you get a reply. i bet by monday you'll hear back.
  11. Thank you for the phone number. I received a defective bag and tried to email them three times on their site, even sending photos. Never heard back. They claimed they received no emails from me, but are still sending a return label.
  12. To those that have returned a defective item, did they refund you the initial shipping costs? And did they charge you to ship the defective item back?
  13. they refunded the shipping costs from the initial shipment, and they email you a pre-paid return label. so you aren't out any money at all for a defective return.
  14. Hi ladies - did anyone purchase any holideeli sales? I purchased one and my cousin purchased one - and neither one of us received our $25 gift card in the order! She wrote to them and actually received a $25 credit and free 1st row for three months because the item was shipped AFTER Christmas even though delivery was listed as dec 21-22 from the day of the sale right up thru 12/24!!

    I wrote to ideeli 2x and told them that I didn't have my credit with my purchase.....and no response.

    These folks really have a long way to go with customer service. So many of their listings are flat out inaccurate - I bought portolano 2 button gloves....the description said 2 buttons, the sticker on the bag the gloves came in said 2 buttons, and there were NO buttons! Very odd, very half baked.