Sienna sale

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  1. I got an email today from it won't let me paste it though. They will have Siennas for $285 soon- no sale date yet. They send out emails before the sale and usually limited quantities are available. It looks there will be black (can't tell if it is the embossed or not), brown embossed and ivory. Just FYI! Really good price for new bags!

    If you aren't a member, I think "oprah" or "op33" works so you can register and you can also email them for an invite, I believe if those codes don't work.
  2. Oooh! I hope black/smooth!! I haven't checked my ideeli-related e-mail yet so thanks for posting this!
  3. Sale starts today at 12:31EST (9:31PST) for first row members. They are still showing as having the Ivory, Brown Embossed, and what appears to be the pebbled Black with the tan ultrasuede lining.

    If only it were a smoooooth black! :girlsigh:
  4. ^ I agree. I don't like the pebbled leathers w/o seeing them b/c some of them are SO pebbled. It def. does not appear to be smooth though! I would be excited if it was a smooth black Sienna! It is a good deal for someone looking for ivory though.
  5. Because I realized it wasn't a smooth black Sienna, I nearly had myself talked into an Ivory Sienna and logged in at the start of the sale....only to discover that the Ivory bags had sold out in less than 5 minutes! They probably didn't have many and my wallet is better off having not purchased one, I suppose. :girlsigh:
  6. Brown embossed now sold out. Wow. The second row members are going to find either only the black ones left or none at all when the sale opens up to them.

    What a great bag to find nwt for those who'd been looking for one. I *love* mine.
  7. I was lucky enough to be in front of the computer when I got my text message. Bought a black one. That was my favorite anyway.

    Now I really must sell some!
  8. That's good for you! I am glad a PF'er could get one!
  9. I got the black one also... I am so excited for it to get here.
  10. Big thanks to Elizat for telling us about ideeli. My black sienna came today. :yahoo:It's really beautiful. So soft and shiny. Very different from my espresso sienna that is more supple but dull.
  11. Yay for you! Is it the pebbled black? I had asked over at ideeli before the bag came up for sale but never received an answer. The pics made it look like the pebbled version so I didn't buy it as I've been hankering for a smooth one.
  12. Your espresso Sienna is dull? I had one and it had the same smooth sheen that the Smooth Black Sienna does. JChiara has one also. She had some great pics of hers and it also looked shiny.

    I hope my Black Sienna never becomes dull. That's part of it's great appeal to me.
  13. Hate to say it, but it is smooth. Definitely not pebbled. No doubt you'll get one eventually if you really want it.

    My espresso one, is dull and scratches rather easily. I'll post pictures if I get a chance. I've treated it with Wilson's TLC and it made some of the scratches disappear but did not give it a shine.
  14. [​IMG][​IMG]
  15. here's my espresso (I assume) sienna. Span right. My pics didn't go in the way I expected. Not my best purchase. was described as gently used and i think it qualifies for well used. I don't think it's a fake, is it??

    If you have any suggestions for making it look nicer, let me know please.