ideasssssss plllllleeeeaaaseeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

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  1. Hey guys, I am actually in the process of branstorming ideas for my birhtday this year:yahoo:... at first, I was thinking of Europe (Paris, Spain, London) since I have not been there yet... but to tell you the truth I am on a Budget this year... so I came up with the idea of a cruise throughout the Caribbean where it would be all inclusise and I would get to visit as many countries as possible for a week... What do you guys think? and most importantly when would be the best time to travel to get the best deals? you know... the best for your buck...:graucho:
    I would appreciate any ideas your guys throw at me.. i am looking forward to reading you soon... thank you so very much....
  2. if money's tight, try an all inclusive resort on the mayan riviera, mexico. You can go to a decent place 8days/7 nights for $900-$1000 per person (air, hotel, food, drinks)..

    most cruises don't include booze so if you're drinkers it may add up. Plus you don't really get to 'see' places that much because you're docked in the cruise port and you only get limited time ashore..
  3. I'd add that all beverages (beyond regular coffee/tea) are an extra expense on cruises. Some have a "fountain card" you can buy that allows you unlimited soft drinks and juice. It's well worth the cost, as each one adds up very quickly.
  4. thank you guys.. and still brainstorming...
  5. I went on a cruise to the Bahamas/Mexico/Jamaica from Miami last May. The cruise was awesome...but yes it is going to cost to drink. My SO and I spent $700 for 5 days of drinking between the two of us....just an FYI
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    Mexico has awesome deals..
    sign up for Travelzoo weekly deals..they're amazing..
    but they book quickly..

    I just got back from los Cabos,
    we stayed at Cabo was gorgeous.
    Upgaded to a 2 bedroom suite..5 nights was about $600 plus air.
    It's not an all inclusive, so we bought groceries..everything is cheap down there!
    I love Cabo..
    empty beaches, sun, sand..

    I hate cruises..
    I can't relax in crowds..
  7. thank you guys, will let you know what i come up with... still on a hunt!!!!! and Shoe Fantastic, thanks the website... i am actually checking travel zoo... i like what i see so far...:tup::tup:
  8. My dear ShoeFantastic, I actually called the travel agency and it turned out to be a total of $966total after taxes for the ticket, the hotel and breakfast for 6 nights per person... and that is with a hotel located on the 18th district... i have never been to Paris so not quite sure about the area.... the agent stated that it was a pretty good deal, since at times the airfare oalone may cost around $800-$900.... what do you think? the sale runs for this week only... she says... please let me know.. or should I wait for other deals???????? what do you think? thank you so much for your advice:ty:
  9. After posting..I read the seems they add on $$ for the nicer hotels, depending on there star rating..but I don't think they add on that much, and they upgrade..
    IMO..if you can see Paris for under $1000, including air and stay at a 3 star hotel, or better....that's a terrific deal, especially in the spring or fall.
    I would check the hotel out on Trip Advisor..
    and google earth the area before making a decision..
    I've been there twice, but it's been several years..
    I like Italy better :smile:

    TravelZoo has deals every week. Click on the links to the deals and
    go to the various travel websites and you will find more deals.
    And if you Google,'(fill in the city) under (fill in the amount),'
    deals galore will pop up..

    Id love to here where you choose!
    Good Luck!
  10. Hey Shoefantastic, I have actually decided to go to Spain and I am officially on a severe hunt for ground breaking deals... so if you find anything, please let me know... iw ould gladly appreciate it!!!!! talk to u soon...
  11. thnak you so much SoeFantastic...i checked it out, but it only deals with Hotels... I am more into the whole package deal... you know... airfare, hotel and tour.... so I am still on a hunt... and by the way since I am a super fan of soccer I aactually want to shedule my trip around a soccer game... that would be awwwsssoooommmmeeee.... let's keep praying.... and I did some intersting destination like you mentionned on travel zoo... I even saw one for South Africa where you would visit Cape Town, Johanesburg and the Safari for $2199 per person airfaire included! tempting...