Ideas! What would you wear for huge NYC Event!

  1. So I'm going to this huge gucci/madonna bash in two weeks and I need the perfect ensemble! I've been browsing the Shopbop and revolve for dresses but nothings popping out at me. I want to look great, maybe a little edgy?? What would you wear if you were going? Please help, post images! Inspiration!
  2. Depends. Where is this event?
  3. Was there any specification for the event attire on the invitation?
  4. I'm sorry, you said NY, didn't realize.

    Well, I would probably wear Gucci since it's a Gucci event. If it's at night, something like

    with a bold colored (one color, no prints, maybe in yellow, cobalt blue, fushia, etc.) high heel or ankle boot, and pair with a long black patent or silver mirror clutch.

    I quite like jeweled toned dresses, anchored with belts with heavy hardware. You can get inexpensive dresses similar to this look.

    NYers often default to black, so you can do that to be safe, but be sure to wear something with interesting details. Don't wear black shoes.

    Not sure what your size is, you should definitely incorporate who you are in your outfit. I think taking your style and being bolder in your usual choices is a good idea, ie instead of a 3 inch heel, take it to 4-5 inches; miniskirt to a micro; larger gems, etc.
  5. oooh great dresses sonya! i'd love to wear a gucci dress but its not really my budget!
    im going to shop around this weekend and try on some young designers dresses around town... i love the idea of a jewel tone dress too.
    i'm 5'7 and a size 2 so i think i need a dress thats tailored/fitted so it doesnt overwhelm me..