Ideas ! WHat to get on V-Day in Paris =)

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  1. ...Ok Gals...
    Yippie...!!!...I'm going to PARIS on and around V-Day. I need ideas of what to get if and most likely my hubby takes me to Louis Vuitton.
    I'm looking for something with a kick in Vernis and Accessory or two. I do also love the idea of ROSE POP or anything Pink... Maybe Purple too?
    Please post pics of ideas of what to get and show me yours too!
  2. how about a piece of jewelery from the passion collection that's totally cute for V-Day.
    Rose pop is a gorgeous colour.
  3. a rose pop alma. :]
  4. Hiii, Im in Paris then too, Im so excited, what date are you going ?. I dont know what to get either, maybe something graffiti :smile:
  5. I agree..anything in Rose Pop Vernis would be a great purchase for Valentine!
  6. yes, rose pop is sooooo cool and would be perfect for vday
  7. Rose pop is very pretty! Also what about a new bag in vernis!? Once you get to LV in Paris I am sure you will fall in love and bring some goodies back home!
  8. Whatever you decide get it the day before Vday and on V day go out and have the most romantic lunch sporting the new LV and dont forget to get us pics!!!
  9. ITA - the passion collection looks lovely!
  10. A heart.. and then a bag for it to go on ! :graucho:
  11. get a rose pop alma...
  12. Rose Pop Alma!! and some pretty jewlery!
  13. Somerthing in Pop or vernis.. A heart is a must !
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    Rose Pop Wilshire and Monogram Roses Scarf!!
  15. Def. get a heart! I'd go with a Wilshire Blvd in rose pop or amarante too!