Ideas please????

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  1. I need a back pack for this take to the fitness carry from exercise class to class. Not TOO big, and also keep in mind I will have on workout clothes the entire I time I use the bag...ANY IDEAS??? The Lv one looks a but too small?? I have the messanger bag but I do not think that will be comfy. Gucci? Fendi? I have not carried a back back in years. Maybe I would prefer a tote instead? I just need it casual...thank you for your ideas as always.:love:
  2. Sunshine, how about an Ellington backpack? Or are you looking for a designer backpack?

    Lodis has also got a sleek backpack:

    If you're after a tote, here's a suggestion (I love the idea of nine pockets :biggrin: )
    Travelcity Tote by Sherry Brown (urban-kitty)

    It's a tote which can be transformed into a messenger.
    Ellington Leather Goods Taos Backpack ebags.jpg Lodis City backpack ebags.jpg
  3. Thank you Passerby! I like the red one alot!!! (I wish that Gucci had a killer bag on sale that would work!!! )
  4. I would go for Prada nylon..its washable...I have a Prada tote bag that I travel with alot..its great..a duffle version...I had my makeup explode in it thanks to the airport check in Paris..and it all washed out perfect.
  5. What do you all think of this...(gucci sale!!! :yes: )

  6. Sunshine..if you are using this for exercise..get something washable..think that you need to carry a water bottle and sweaty clothes..etc....I used to teach aerobics for years...I would hate for you to ruin something fabric..!
  7. I figured I would throw it away at the end of the summer anyway! I know you are right Jill...but for $299...I could not resist!!! It will get dirty...but isnt it CUTE?!!! (maybe I will take one of my cheapy Ol navy ones as well) I may go check out Coach as well. We have a outlet here and also receive a locals discount. (if I do not like the gucci I WILL send it back) I will, I will....I will!

  8. Anyone else have an opinion on this bag?
  9. Passerby...that is way cute as well...I have now ordered the gucci one...I just wondered if anyone else thought it was as cool as I do?? It looks like it will be a nice size and fun to carry around "gym" cell, keys etc. and maybe a book and towel to hit the beach. Thank you again for your pics, and thoughts. I appreciate it.
  10. Actually I :heart::heart: that Gucci. Its incredibly cheap for a Gucci. I hope that you have a great time at your fitness camp. Hey if you want to hang out and meet up P.M. me. Congrats. :biggrin::yes: