ideas please

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  1. I want a brown (chocolate/tan) hobo/tote with a single shoulder strap that won't break the bank (under £200) and is available in the UK. Need a decent size so it can carry my filofax, novel, pencil case, coin purse, large pack of baby wipes, few nappies etc etc (I'm sure those of you with kids get the idea!) I was thinking of this maybe by Boden??? Opinions????
  2. Its a cute shape and looks very squishy. Wonder how it looks like when someone wears it vs flat on the picture.
  3. erm, not keen on the ruched effect. Found an aol offer where have got 11% off, free delivery and free returns at boden so have ordered the squashy shoulder bag so I can look at it IRL and try it on!
  4. Have you tried Russell & Bromley and LK Bennett?

    There's not too much on their websites, but their stores are always full of good quality bags:

    To be honest, I'm not that taken with the Boden. The strap is too short for the size of the bag, IMO and I don't like the central seam.

    But it's what you think that counts and if you like it, you should get it! :biggrin:
  5. Hi CH, hope things are well with you. Any idea why there seems to be so few British indie designers (talking leather bags here) as compared to designers in America?

  6. Oops, sorry! :shame:

    Missed your post!

    Hope you like it! :biggrin:

  7. Hi PB! :biggrin:

    Very good question! :yes:

    I've no idea... :shrugs:
  8. oooh, i love that boden
  9. I really like the Russel and Bromley saddlebag in tan but a bit over budget at the moment ( have just spent £195 on a Mulberry messenger!!). At least the Boden has free P&P to return it if I don't like it! Keep the idea's coming!! and thanks for all the replies!
  10. This leather saddle bag by Tommy and Kate looks similar to the one you liked. They are UK designers and you can buy them via QVC or eBay for around £40-55 pounds.