Ideas please? (Tiffany Gift Certificate!)

  1. Hi. I have a $200 gift certificate to Tiffany's. I'm willing to kick in another $300 or so, but I'm having a hard time finding something.

    I think I've checked out the website and then someone here will post something that was totally under my radar.

    That's why I'm asking you all for ideas.

    Here are the constraints: I can't wear little chains. A lot of the silver necklaces they show that are supercute, have these thin little chains.

    The other thing is that I don't want any of the "Return to Tiffany's stuff." I already have one keychain like that so I'm sort of done with that.

    And... I don't have pierced ears.

    Other than that, does anyone, especially you Tiffany *FANS*, have any great ideas as to what might be super cute and within the price range?

    Let's say I'm well past my grad school years, but still have my own natural haircolor. ;)

    I'm modern (think clean lines and lots of black) and I love ships, boats, sailing, but not starfish or seashells.

    Does anyone have the belt buckle in silver? Do they like it?

    Thanks gals (and guys?) in advance.
  2. Have you seen the Elsa Peretti gemstone open hearts? They range from 100 to 450 each. You can use your own chain for them; I'm wanting the rhodonite/blackjade/white chalcedony combo for myself.
  3. Just off the top of my head...I tried on this ring that's really cute, and it's $195. Another lady saw me try it and immediately bought it for her daughter.


    They make a cuff too, but I didn't try it on.

    I'll post when I think of more. =)

  4. Thanks! Please do! Those are both really great and I hadn't seen them!!!

    I knew it was right to ask the TPF's!!
  5. Thank you--that's another idea too--especially stacking them!
  6. I love the black onyx choker...its $395...I think that the toggle does say "tiffany" on it, though.Its definitely my next T&Co purchase! :smile:
  7. I think these 2 items are tdf. I don't usually wear any rings other than my wedding ring, but that ring is tempting me. And the cuff is nice; very classy. I think elsa paretti has beautiful necklaces such as the teardrop. Not too young and definitely not too old. How fun to choose a new Tiffany gift! Good luck!
  8. I really like that ring
  9. Seashorecharm bracelet with sailboat, anchor, (1 starfish)etc charms. $395.
  10. wow, everyone has awesome ideas. I hadn't seen any of these suggestions!
    I agree--the ring is tempting and the seashore charm bracelet is good too.

    I know--its great to be in a spot to get a treat--I just wish I had a better idea of what is possible there. I mean, I really thought I combed the website but I haven't seen ANY of the pieces that were posted except the Elsa Peretti hearts and that's only because someone else posted about them in another item.

    Please keep the suggestions coming. You all are so helpful! Thanks again.
  11. I like this bracelet...
    Tiffany Rose bangle from the Nature collection $395
  12. Frank Gehry Equus Cuff...$395
  13. Loop Wire Bracelet with Sterling Silver and Chalcedony...$375
  14. Heart Link Bracelet...$525. I know it is a bit over, but this has always been my favorite!
  15. I really love that Heart Link Bracelet...