Ideas on spinning shoes?

  1. Hey guys! I've been spinning (45 mins, 3 days a week) for a couple months now and just wear my everyday Pumas/Vans there. Usually my toes will get numb after a while cycling but I just wiggle them and it goes away. Also, my right foot arch will get crampy when I get off the bike so, I wonder if this could be caused by the shoes I am wearing? Or could I be doing something wrong while exercisizing? Any input greatly appreciated!
  2. It definitely could be caused by your shoes. I highly recommend the clip ins (also called clipless) if you plan on sticking with spinning. When you are using the straps on the pedals you could have them too tight and they could be why your toes are getting numb/crampy.

    The clip ins are so much better overall. You really feel connected to the pedals and it gives you a much cleaner spin stroke.

    You can try these brands for clips in: shimano or carnac. First you need to see if the spin bikes you are using even have the clipless pedals (most do nowadays) Then you need to find out what kind of pedals your spin bike has before getting the shoes b/c you have to get the correct cleats put on the bottom (spd, look, etc)

    Make sure of course that you are staying hydrated during your spin class. Dehyration could cause cramps too.:yes: