Ideas on attaching Fur collar onto jacket non-permanently?

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  1. Hi all...!!

    So my mom gave me one of her vintage fur collars for xmas, and though i am ecstatic that its something that would go with most of my coats :yahoo: i'm at a loss as to how to attach the collar onto my coats properly.:confused1: I've been googling my lil fingers off and so far i couldn't really find anything other installing lil ribbon loops on it..(which won't work for this style) so i would really love some advice on this. :smile: So far i've only worn it out once sort of draped around the collar of my coat and although it looks fine (somewhat) everytime i take my coat off the collar would just fall off.

    Is there such a thing as a detachable clip on? something i can get a tailor to do? i'm looking for something that would allow to me to attach it ncie and secure on a jacket, at the same time being non-permanent.. here's a pic of a similar fur collar:


    Thanks all!! :flowers:
  2. bump?
  3. I bought an Adrianne Landau red fox fur scarf/collar and it has this little clip thing on one side so you can clip one end to the other or in my case(scarf a littile long)get a cross over effect. I don't know how to describe clip except in hair accessory terms it's like a duck clip. Why don't you take it to a furrier, a good one should have some ideas for you.
  4. I have a couple of vintage fur collars that I move around to sweaters, jackets, etc. I use two large safety pins to attach the collar on the underside just near the lapel.