Ideas of stuff we want with toki prints or characters!

  1. I think we all have wish lists for Simone to sell his artwork to make new merchandise! What ideas do you have? We've mentioned flip flops/slippers, cell phone covers, cell charms....I'd like to see breakfast cereal with his characters. (hahahahaha just kidding!)
  2. i was just telling hubby that if they got w/sanrio & started making appliances & electronics like they do for hello kitty, then i'm getting the Bastardino Toaster! LOL

    wouldn't that be so cute tho, 2 pieces of toast popping up from his back?? LOL, i love the idea of a big Bastardino sitting on the counter!
  3. I would love to see a dress or suit bag!!
  4. I was thinking that too, esp when I was in the Lesportsac store on Friday & saw a Dress Bag in a khaki/heart print and thought to myself "This would look even cuter with a Toki print!"

    I still want the sweater that Simone wears sometimes to signings - its gray with Adios & the Scythe on it - I think my bf would love it. I would like to see an upscale menswear line like that: button downs, sweaters, blazers, leather jackets, etc.
  5. I collect fridge magnets from all the places I've traveled to so .. I'd like to see some tokidoki magnets! .. unless they already make those and I'm just not aware of it :shrugs:
    love the cellphone holder and charm ideas .. i'd definitely buy those!
  6. I think I'm going to buy a bracelet and make a cell phone thing for me... I :heart: that idea
  7. head rest covers for the car, doggie merchendise (I'm sure he'd love a bastardino blanket :graucho: ) , cellphone covers and underwear and socks. :rolleyes:
  8. I keep thinking I'd love tokidoki collars for the dogs. Of course with all their hair you'd never see them....
  9. oooh! like lil camis & boy shorts & thongs? that would be cute - i love socks with characters on them, how bout TOE SOCKS with a different character on each toe!? omigosh! :nuts: toki overload!
  10. Yeah, we need to enjoy our characters without going into cc overload!
  11. Well I'd like to see clothes, especially shoes. I would get heel or wedges that had the amore print. That's about all I can tink of. I only want stuff that you can take outside.
  12. i hate toe socks :yucky:
    i mean - it looks cool but it sooo uncomfortable :shrugs: i guess i'm spoiled like that .

    i have a thing for socks with characters too, that and panties, i have like 109375 pairs of snoopy underwear and socks :shame: but a pair with bastardino or mozzarella would be the best.
  13. Panties. I like panties for me.

    Anyways, my bf and my favorite cousin is XXL and the shirts don't fit them :sad: I wish they would carry a few more larger sizes for men. Not all men look like little girls walking around with their tight pants and tight shirts.

    My mom wants a longer wallet that can hold checks in them.
  14. yeah stuff like that. you'd see a color on my dog but he never wears one around the house, and when we take him out for a walk he has a harness, so a harness with lots of tiny characters would be perfect :heart:

    oh yeah, that's the main reason i'm not getting the denaro, i like big long wallets, i put my ID in there and stuff, a longer wallet would be perfect.
  15. I want a bigger wallet too. and more cute accessories like hair clips and smaller watches. And an umbrella. someone mentioned that before. I would totally buy one!