ideas for what to get for friends birthday

  1. My friend's birthday is coming up and she always says she needs nothing. What are some things that you have given or recieved that have been hits?
  2. How old is she? What kind of stuff is she into? How much do you want to spend?
  3. When I don't know what to get somebody I usually find something at Tiffany & Co. - Silver jewlery, keychain with initials engraved on it, pen, perfume, etc. Pure Tiffany is a great scent.
  4. She will be 24 and getting her masters in spedial ed. She doesn't really like gift cards (comment she made).
  5. Hi, what are her interests? For instance, does she like to read? Is she interested in art at all? Does she love animals? When is her birthday (this in case you wish to buy something overseas from her)? is full of creative people so a couple of suggestions from that awesome site for now:

    Necklace from the inner workings of a pocket watch

    Etsy :: about that time charm necklace


    Hoolala in the UK has unusual jewelry:

    Etsy :: The Anatomy Of Thought Charm Necklace

  6. How about a surprise party?

    Things are so dull in January after all the holiday fun.

    Just knowing she is special enough to warrant a surprise party should please her enormously!

    Make it a potluck. Salad potluck if you are health minded. Dessert potluck if you are decadent ;)
    Men bring wine.

    Have one person make the BD cake with candles.
    You handle plates, utensils, glasses. ice, water.

    Get one card and have everyone sign it. They can sign it at the party.
  7. ElenaMary:



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    A sample of Wise Words: "It is better to light one candle in the present than curse the darkness of the past." Eleanor Roosevelt
  8. she says she needs nothing. i'd offer to take her out for lunch, dinner or for some dessert. if she declines then you tried. wish her a happy birthday and be on your way.
  9. special ed gc to steck and vaughn there an amazing publisher of sp ed materials