Ideas for Wellies/Rainboots?

  1. Help everyone!! I'm desperately seeking a cute pair of wellies! I don't want any crazy bright designs but rather something tasteful. Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks! :nuts:
  2. Chanel has a super cute pair that are black and white and they have the baby animal lining inside.
  3. i personally love pucci and burberry boots.
  4. i just bought these yellow classic hunter wellies.
  5. Also try J Crew. I bought a pair last year that was a very classic brown plaid. Not sure what they will have for this year.
  6. Sperry Topsider and Jeffrey Campbell both had cute wellies last year. Both are sold at Nordstrom and Zappos. Zappos should still have some. Nordies usually doesn't get them until August. Banana Republic usually sells them when they put their fall shoe line out (probably August too).
  7. Puccirubberboots.jpg
  8. If you want to go with something simple, you should look into Chanel rainboots. They're in black patent leather.