Ideas for Tivoli GM Accessories & Adornments?

  1. Well, after keeping her comfy in her dustbag for a few weeks, I moved all of my stuff into my wonderful Tivoli GM and carried her out yesterday and today. Loving her, but here is my question: I ordered the Mono Pastilles Hanging Key Chain from last week, but when it came and I tried it on the purse, it just looked puny. Too small and dainty on a large, busy bag, so I think its going back. I'm also waiting to receive the vernis key cles in Amarante. Does anyone have that and the Tivoli GM? Can you share a pic of them together? I love using bag charms, but I'm wondering if I should I just leave well enough alone?

    In which case, I turn my attention from the outside of the bag to the inside. I'm not one who has to have everything in her bag perfectly matching, but I do like "coordinating" pieces. Right now, I have a mix of Mono, T&B, and black MC. What do you think are the sweetest accessories for the Tivoli GM? Pics would be especially appreciated!:yes:

    (FYI, I've already combed the entire Tivoli Clubhouse Thread and there's not too many pics of it with other pieces. Also, scarves wouldn't work great in my snowy, rainy winter weather.) TIA!!
  2. Hi Beth.. I have the mono pastilles chain/bracelet.. is that the one you are talking about? Or did you buy the little grape cluster pastilles?
    I know this isn't a Tivoli.. but it's a fairly big bag, it's the Trevi PM..
    Also have you considered a Pomme heart or cles.. pomme is absolutely gorgeous with Damier and Mono.

  3. Hi sparklemint! I actually own the one you show on the Trevi above, only mine is in pastel. It is BEAUTIFUL on my Damier Speedy 30. That shape looks great on the Trevi and the Speedy, but with the extra hardware on the Tivoli, I don't think it would look great (although I admit, I haven't tried it yet :blush:) What do you think?

  4. I don't think I'd like it on the Tivoli. I think the pleat would make it look strange. I think it looks great plain!!
  5. I think that the adjustable straps create alot more going on. I am not sure a charm would enhance the bag.
  6. I just bought a Mono zippy wallet and a Pomme PM agenda to go with my new Tivoli GM.
  7. I have a Tivoli GM and I put my pomme cles on it. I love it!! It gives it a pop of color.
  8. gurl2789, can you share a pic of how that looks? TIA!
  9. i was wondering the same thing for my tiv pm, but i don't knwo! i don't have any good ideas!
  10. Haha... it took me FOUR DAYS to realize this was from you! Well, the dangly motifs keychain in Pomme has been ordered. We'll see how it looks, and if it is ick, back it goes.