Ideas for SA Gift


May 7, 2006
So....I need some help. I was originally going to do just a Christmas card because my SA is in a Saks LV and they have a horrible mail department which is very slow. BUT....maybe if I send Fedex or UPS it'll get there faster.
I'm in the Midwest so it's not really hot out here (i.e. things melting).
In terms of demographics of my SA:
male, late 20s/early 30s, African American, and homosexual. I don't know if any of those characteristics would drastically influence what ideas you guys give me...but I put them there just in case.
In addition, during many of our chats he indicated that he travels via air quite a lot (this came up in a moan-fest of how airlines handle expensive luggage...and he was telling me about all of his Keepalls). He also mentioned that he is single, lives in the suburbs of Chicago (so I'm guessing he may take the train in to commute to the city), and gets along really well with his parents (he said he spends alot of time with them).

Any ideas???? He really came through for me this year with getting my limited groom items and now I give him all of my business....and just want to thank him!
well depending on how much you want to spend you can get him cool luggage tags, a travel throw or slippers, a toiletry bag (though he might have lv versions of the tags and bag).
hl: I don't really have an exact price in mind....nothing over the top of course! I'm open to all ideas!

I was originally planning on doing the card thing....but he is such a sweetie that I thought maybe something above and beyond the card would be nice.
Most gay guys I know, they love candles, hair products, parfume all designer brands, great foods.
May be gift certificate to one of his favorite restaurant.

I just gave my SA chocolate tower.
The problem with a gift card is that I'm not incredibly familiar with Chicago or the ' in terms of a restaurant or something I'd be clueless. In addition, I'm not really sure what kinds of stores he might shop at (aside from LV lol)....I also wanted something a bit more personal to let him know I was thinking of him!
Thank you for the idea Tammy!
how about a semi-fancy little set of grooming products- from l'occitane or i think c.e.bigelow makes a nice set i saw in o mag, i can find it if you want.

also sephora has this cute thing this year for men and women, it's 40 dollars (ish) and has 8 samples of cologne. it comes with a gc for a whole bottle so the recipient can try out the colognes and then go to sephora and buy the one they want!
Movie tickets. Everyone likes going to the movies :smile: Find out which theater chains are in Chicago, and get him a $20 gift card. He can go see Dreamgirls ;)